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  • Thousands of personnel groupings and formation combinations

  • Formation alignment adjustments plus shift and motion for skilled position players

  • Hundreds of preset passing play combinations

  • Ability to sort plays by personnel groups

  • Multiple pass protections with hot receivers and site adjusts

  • Ability to change terminology

  • Ability to modify existing plays and create new plays using the FITT building blocks

  • Create coach specific playbooks and gameplans

  • Multiple defensive groupings including substitute packages

  • Numerous defensive schemes including man, man free, zone and zone dog packages

  • Defensive players adjust alignments and assignments based on offensive personnel groups, formations and adjustments 

  • Offensive receiver automatic route adjustments based on defensive alignment

  • Read and option routes automatically adjust to defensive player positions during the play

  • Ability to change 3D player uniform color combinations and player numbers to match next opponent

  • Multiple camera positions in 3D view, including blimp view, sideline view and behind offense or defense 

  • Ability to move camera in 3D view to pan and close in

  • Ability to run play at regular speed, slow motion and step by step in 3D view

  • Ability to view players with uniform numbers or position id's in 3D view

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