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In order to give you a taste of what FITT can do for your team, we are offering a FREE download that provides access with limited Personnel Groups, Formations, Plays and Defensive Schemes - and you can see it all in 3D!

After seeing the value and benefits that FITT can provide to your coaches and players, you are able to upgrade to one of our Unlock Levels within the product download.

Click on the DOWNLOAD button for your computer below and follow the installation instructions listed.



Click on the FITT.exe at the bottom left of your browser or in your downoads folder to start the installation.  If you see a message from Windows Defender SmartScreen, select More Info and the Run Anyway on the next screen -  FITT is signed and virus free.  Follow the installation instructions.


Once it has finished downloading, click on the FITT.dmg in the download area of your browser and select "Show in Finder".  Right click on the football (or Control-click on pad) and select "Open". Select "Yes" to open FITT.  Drag the football to your desktop for easy future opening.


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