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Successful execution on game day relies on game week physical and mental repetition; however, practice and meeting time restrictions now limit player-coach contact. 

FITT offers players and coaches a tremendous and unique tool to get the mental reps so decision making and performances on game day are at an optimum level.

The camera in the helmet 3D feature, along with the ability to change player uniform colors and numbers, ensures that a player will save his legs during the week but will have the same visual perspective and decision making experiences that only additional hours of practice previously provided,


FITT is brought to you by football people

FITT is the brainchild of Tom Walsh and George Kiss, and they have been working on the concept for years

Tom Walsh has 28 years of coaching experience, including 7 of his 15 years in the NFL as an Offensive Coordinator.  Tom has also been an NFL WR and QB Coach, a Head Coach at the college level and GM/Head Coach of a spring professional football league team in the Regional Football League.

George Kiss has multiple years of college coaching experience and has the unique technical ability to convert complex football concepts to a technology core.

George and Tom have been working together for over 30 years, and through George's game development company BlueSky Software, were responsible for the Joe Montana Foortall series and the N.C.A.A. College Football series, both published by Sega.

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